Why Burnout games have only a “look-like” car?

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question ATB : Why Burnout games have only a “look-like” car
I’ve heard before that it has to do with the fact that automakers woudn’t want their cars are blown apart in the video game, but it is not entirely satisfy my curiosity. Games like DiRT used brand-name cars, and they have cars getting damaged. Best answer:

Answer by aircaptain9
They probably could not get permission to use the car

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  1. HK18 says:

    They need to pay the manufacturers in order to use them and the creators of burnout probaly didn’t want to pay.

  2. Sean says:

    It depends on the maker of the video game. They need to get licensing (costs $ $ $ ) and approval from the auto companies to use the car brands. They may not be able to afford this or the auto companies may not approve it.

  3. azureshadow_12 says:

    I’m not too sure about this but i heard that it has to do with the fact that by using brand name cars you would have to go through the trouble of asking the company if they can use their cars. Then the discussion of paying for featuring them may come up and gaming companies wouldn’t want to pay.

  4. Christian H says:

    i think its less about the money and more about how car companies dont want to see their cars blown up and thrashed to pieces in a video game. bad rep. :D DD

  5. James says:

    agree with Aircaptain.
    couldn’t get the license

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