ADR3000 Vehicle Black Box captures near crash in Punggol, Singapore

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automotive black box stores information about the vehicle is traveling in a vivid picture and sound. ADR works exactly as black boxes used in the aircraft, record important information about driving course. The device includes a high-sensitivity, high resolution camera, and G sensors that can detect cars driving course in three dimensions. The recorded images, sound and speed are accurately represented, with information on the location on Google Maps. In case of accident, ADR Black Box saves the crash site and its surroundings, effectively eliminates any doubt as to the cause.
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  1. halid83 says:

    Blackbox… How kiasu can human like you be… die early then you’ll stop recording.

  2. ss770640 says:

    Mojorossi, google road hawk.

  3. mojorossi says:

    wher can i get this ADR, n how much does it cost

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