Encontrar por persona GPS

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Como una persona encontrar por medio del Celular.
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The most important of the latest Android platform version
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  1. marcovichito says:

    Ya lo pueden hacer gratis desde Movistar en w ww .movistar.com.mx/servicios/serv_loca-f.html

  2. redtimess says:

    Saludos, como se llama y donde puedo conseguir el programa tengo un samsung i637 o como te puedo contactar para que me pases el programa por favor.

  3. erik721 says:

    mandame el software para iphone 4 por favor a erik721@hotmail.com

  4. hipy27 says:

    ola oiie me podrias pasar el programa porfavor mi correo es mago_green21@hotmail.com me arias un gran favor grasias…

  5. ilianahopkins says:


  6. TheGandhyy says:

    oye disculpa podrias poner un link para descargar ese programa esta muy bueno men saludos

  7. TheGandhyy says:

    esta muy bueno tu tutorial me podrias pasar el programa te agredeceria mucho por que yo tengo un iphone

  8. agurrami says:

    @bootypanquakes Yeah but no one uses it…

  9. arian1457 says:

    HOW do i install it?!?!?! i have a Samsung galaxy s

  10. cindenyolla says:

    cindenyolla c o m

  11. MevmHOA says:

    Quiero Android 2.2 para mi Xperia u_u

  12. ahmedheroo20 says:


    I have it

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  14. JoelB3783 says:


  15. flyboy2000008 says:

    There is flaws in every operation system. so in Android and iOS too. I have a droid as well and an iPod. i love both, in my opinion a droid is a nice alternative to the iPhone. Stop the fanboywar please.

  16. bootypanquakes says:

    Android 4.0 is the best

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  18. KucingGarong20 says:

    Android I Love u full

  19. ThePspSteve says:

    What Was That Game on The Bit Where You Guys Were Talking About Gaming on Android 2.1 and 2.2?

  20. P0RBY says:

    Excellent, I am very pleased to see your videos, thanks friend

  21. MrDongkei says:

    @0712242406 lol…….

  22. 0712242406 says:

    oh yaya fuck me fuck me

  23. TheSongsSmile says:

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  25. UploaderTheFree says:

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  27. pavy415 says:

    Love Android 2.2 more than 2.3 or 3.0

  28. yruy100 says:

    Android forever

  29. add119 says:

    @juan111113 xda-developers

  30. add119 says:

    @BIGZx420 duh lolz

  31. aaqucnaona94 says:

    Hey guys I am looking for a android mascot widget [like the old office assistants in Ms office] that would move around on my home screen [not a live wallpaper]. Do u know of any such app?

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