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Charles Manson and his following was known for hiding in caves. This may be one of them, rumor has it that certainly is. Manson Caves In Simi Valley, California

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  1. cisco55 says:

    The outside scenes of the farm was filmed here but the inside is a set. The loft, the inside of the farm and even the storm seller are all sets under the same roof :/ sorry for spoiling that. But its still a nice farm that i would love to visit just knowing that Kristin Kreuk’s beauty lingered around that farm lol and of course the best superman ever tom Welling Great info thanks for the address!! :)

  2. TheFirstBloodyNation says:

    Lucky basterd! :D

  3. lycao25 says:

    This is about a 5 minute drive from where I live, knew they shot near by, didn’t realize how close =P.

  4. TheFirstBloodyNation says:

    I would get my ass over that fence, and discover the barn/Clark his fortress of saltitude!

  5. TheFirstBloodyNation says:

    OMG! O0 I didn’t knew that place is real!

  6. 101ishwar says:

    @regf798 thank u so much for address

  7. kc135tube says:

    @dwaynemorgan1 Thanks for the info dwaynemorgan1. :-) A couple of friends of mine and me are big Smallville fans and I hope I can convince them to fly to BC to see Smallville’s filming locations.

  8. dustin6220 says:

    its so beautiful i really hope some day i own a farm as beautiful as that one :)

  9. dustin6220 says:

    its sp beautiful i really hope some day i own a farm as beautiful as that one :)

  10. regf798 says:

    844 Otter Rd, Aldergrove, BC, Canada

  11. JDBernal82 says:

    How awesome!!! :)

  12. Yahiko25 says:

    @timmmyi I would definitely ask for an acting job. Even it is a small role because I would die if I had a role on Smallville.

  13. bboudrot says:

    Sad news. All filming has been finished here which means the Kent farm sign has been taken down probably. I was hoping to visit it while it was still there. Now there’s just no point.

  14. bboudrot says:

    It would be funny if you went there and they were filming the final episode and Welling was wearing the “suit”.
    If any one plans on visiting and taking pictures when they are filming – Bring a good telephoto lens and keep a good distance away – don’t let them know you are there.

  15. Sparklena says:

    @timmmyi do you have the address to the kent farm? for GPS input. thanks!

  16. timmmyi says:

    i live 2 min walk from there :P

  17. calimahonda says:

    I egged that place

  18. 3HeadedMonkey says:

    @clois95 why would they dismantle an existing farm where people actually live?

  19. tippership says:

    @Wvyh ….I haven’t ever been to vancouver, but Gough?

    ..odd- Gough is the last name of one of the former two executive producers of smallville


  20. clois95 says:

    Is it going to exist even after smallville ends? Or are they going to dismantle it?

  21. Wvyh says:

    @nesschen96 I do not know, sometimes I see a truck there that says Gough Ink

  22. sanjeevksharma says:

    If I win the lottery, I am buying this house hands down!!!!

  23. Wvyh says:

    248th st and 8th Av

  24. ipbloi says:

    people find it interesting because tom welling has been there! its like holy ground!

  25. rafael83193123 says:

    Hi I live in Brazil will have much more to know this farm, someone could pass me the correct address of the place? Vancouver is in it?

  26. seavoyagerful says:

    fuckin sexy guy blue eyes …. pressure me so much  uh

  27. frindle8 says:

    Haha thats my older brother Pat in the car at the beginning

  28. 1996snoop1 says:


  29. GNGeorge63 says:

    Cant go inside when its raining cuz its an underground river. Bring candlas and flashlights. Chalk is a good way to mark your route as you go.

  30. GNGeorge63 says:

    IT used to be called Stoners Den back in the 70′s and 80′s

  31. mra2010f1 says:

    These Caves are still alot of fun. Minus the poison ivy thats always up there. good times,

  32. eckog69 says:


  33. derekford42 says:

    Been to the oasis, the nets, and hells hole (haven’t tried the other 2 entrances yet)

  34. derekford42 says:

    My friends and I went all the way through hells hole into the den yesterday. As the name suggests, it’s hell, by far the hardest of all 3 entrances. We’re probably going next Monday (Manson Mondays, Thirsty Thursdays, Fucked up Fridays; trying to make a ritual for every day of the week). Whenever I’m able to get a rugged camera I’ll try to record the whole thing.

  35. 79tazman says:


  36. shaneisaghost says:

    Have you guys ever gone thru the hell hole? one of the entrances if you dont know what it is

  37. jkid4141 says:

    least you guys went down the mountain, i started at the bottom my first time and went all the way up

  38. LITporVIDA says:

    If you don’t know where the Manson Caves are, you’ll never know. All you outsiders should quit asking.

  39. AfroMan2355 says:

    Think you could give me the general area they are in based off of google maps. Any like a distinguishing mark on it or mabe some roads and a house to triangulaate from

  40. ElielHerr says:

    @ 2:56 WTF??? what is that a body in a bag? and it wouldn’t surprise me if it is…

  41. chickenwrap3000 says:

    is that cody baird?

  42. MrErratic69 says:

    the rock pipe…think about how long its been there..and how many people over DECADES have put thier mouth on it…that place is hard to get into..sometimes crawling down on your back, your nose touches the ceiling. last time i was there..LOTS of used condoms and needles in the den. classy place to bring girls.

  43. misstaylormarie2131 says:

    Were you guys up by Rocky Peak? Where there are graffiti saying the Oasis is that way and stuff? Near the Hummingbird Trail but you go off the main trail and there’s a series of little ones?

  44. misstaylormarie2131 says:

    @joshkatell oh my god….. I was in there today.

  45. jimmathjim says:

    I know exactly where these caves are – I used to go into them all the time as a teenager – We would go through HELL HOLE – the most difficult entrance by the top. I do not want to tell anyone where they are because you can get hurt in them – especially during an earthquake.

  46. shaytay says:

    this sucks

  47. efee52 says:

    lol the guy that was driving looked like a mix between my cousin nick and kassem g

  48. colezubek1 says:

    i just came back from there!!!!!! So intense!!!!!! I went to the original opening a little farther up the hill!!!!!!!

  49. killersolo5 says:

    i went there yesterday, i realized that after a year the exits i use to take were gone which sucked cause going up is much more of a bitch then going down but there stilll pretty tight. Is the top entrance still open? the one where u climb down the huge wall?

  50. joshkatell says:

    you guys been to the oasis in simi valley

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