Nice car photos

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some cool car pictures:

Ram Tough

Images nomadic Las

View in Black 9, 2011, clear challenge 15) to play the imagination and creativity of the car or truck to do a cool photo & 111 pictures ~~ 58. Metal

Pittsfield Fire Rescue Ford Crown Victoria: 1/64, the green die casting

PMC by 1stPix picture of

A Pittsfield Fire Rescue Crown Victoria by Kenworth dump truck along interstate highways.

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  1. RevDrPepper says:

    So this was your tour vehicle, eh? I can just see Jeero riding on that hood ornament, too. (I think I can see the photographer in the reflection on that chrome, too.)

  2. Savannah Lewis says:

    Great angle! I see your reflection too :)

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  3. Rebbel68 says:

    cool atmosphere….great colors

  4. bztraining says:

    [] Agreed!

  5. Dordle says:

    Looks like a friend of the old truck from "Cars"… lol.

  6. DeForestRanger says:

    Great find! Love the flares.

  7. Cathlon says:

    The car tones blend so well with the surrounding vegetation. It looks very dry!! Super find and capture!

  8. bold sheep photography says:

    Awesome. I love the tones and the colors!

  9. IronHiker says:

    Like the composition, great shot!

  10. Weld with Rob says:

    Wow, the sun fades your paintwork too, huh??

  11. Pfish44 says:

    Love the POV and desolate landscape!

  12. simoneo333 says:

    love this

  13. stopherjones says:

    Great colour tones – still yet to get off my backside this month :)

  14. cathiehh says:

    looking at the rust on the car did you have to shine the hood ornament to get the contrast? If you did it was worth it (if not – great find!)

  15. moosejive2 says:

    Like the perspective here, good tones.

  16. Lily-Wren says:

    Wonderful shot! Love the processing too :)

  17. *hajee says:

    Somebody on Greenlight’s forum was complaining about the no-wheel-cover look on the Ford. I think it looks great, very tough and aggressive.

  18. PMC 1stPix says:

    it’s easy enough to just dab some paint marker on it… plus it looks more realistic if you leave it off. some of the others have the center caps in place- it doesn’t really matter to me.

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